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Hello World. I am Jason Tolhurst, a professional PHP developer and programming enthusiast. I love creating new and exciting technologies for you. My passion is development; discovering new tools and new languages to use, forging paths into the virtual unknown, to deliver the best solution for your needs.

Strife - S2 Games - Kalamazoo, MI

In August 2013 I had the thrilling opportunity to begin my career as a programmer and fulfill a life long dream of working for a game studio. I began work at S2 Games as an intern and quickly proved myself moving up to full time staff only two short months later.

As a programmer at S2 I worked with an amazing team developing their backend RESTful API as we marched toward the launch of our next generation MOBA, Strife. My responsibilities included working with their design team to build our player portal and connect it with Strife’s database, maintaining and adding new tools and features to the internal administration panel, developing new API tools and endpoints for Strife to utilize, and being part of a rotating on-call staff available 24/7 to troubleshoot and fix bugs when they arose. I was lead in developing tools for storing game configurations in the cloud and establishing a refer-a-friend system.

Working in a large development team meant communication was important. Regular meetings, and face to face conversations helped ensure we knew what each and every person was working on. We also utilized Jira for development tracking. To make myself stand out it was important that I had my hands in as much as possible. Having not just knowledge but practical experience in many areas of Strife’s systems ensured that I was a valuable asset capable of resolving problems and developing complete solutions. Every morning I took the time to read commit notes from the previous day making myself continually aware of changes in the system’s code.

Unfortunately, as any one who’s worked in the game industry can tell you, work is fleeting. Shortly after launch many of us sadly parted ways with S2 Games. S2 Games will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope one day to work with the many, talented individuals again.

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